Linda A. Carruthers || Testimonials
From emotive boundary disputes to third party reviews, Linda A. Carruthers & Associates provides its clients with personal care and real solutions.


Robert Simpson and Valerie Fox

After purchasing our duplex in 2000 we initially approached the city about doing a condominium conversion. They gave us a list of requirements including bringing the building up to code. We dutifully fulfilled the requirements but were not approved due to an item that was never mentioned and not on the list of requirements.

Linda, our land surveyor, helped us develop another strategy which involved a lot of research on her part and testimony to the planning commission and the city council. With her help we successfully appealed the planning commission’s decision to the city council and our project was approved.

Without Linda’s help, hard work and encouragement, we would have given up. We can highly recommend her. She goes way beyond what we would expect of a land surveyor.

Bob Branz, City Engineer (retired) Belvedere

Linda Carruthers has conducted an enormous amount of research regarding title and boundary issues on Corinthian Island in Belvedere. Through her expert research and reports, she has helped the City resolve many title questions and provided evidence of unwritten rights in relationship to the historic right-of-ways.

Thomas R. Belcher, President, Underwater Resources, Inc.

Ms. Carruthers has provided our field personnel with her expert survey assistance for numerous marine and underwater construction projects since 1999. She has consistently been able to provide accuracy and clarity for all of our projects, including critical pile batter, orientation, and location documentation beneath piers under conditions with limited access. She has also provided on the water corridor layout for large diameter pipelines during construction, submergence, and final position.

William Lockett - PLS 2738

I have known Linda Carruthers ever since she started her surveying career. She is a respected member of our profession - an extremely knowledgeable, competent, ethical and professional surveyor whom I have recommended many times to my former clients. Linda is a credit to our profession and anyone needing surveying work done would benefit from her services.

selected services

  • Boundary surveying
  • Title research
  • Historic map and document interpretation
  • Easements and other encumbrances
  • Mediation
  • Subdivision land planning
  • Topographic and site surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Surveys for marine construction