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Linda A. Carruthers & Associates, Professional Land Surveyors is owned and operated by Linda Carruthers, a licensed Professional Land Surveyor (P.L.S. 7053), specializing in challenging survey issues in southern Marin County since 1995.

She has a breadth of surveying expertise, including historic title research, map and legal document interpretation, and providing third opinion to resolve complex survey issues arising from previous inadequate surveys, undocumented encroachments, or missing monuments. She also brings her experience as a professional mediator to her practice, often saving clients thousands of dollars and time spent on lengthy legal proceedings with her dispute resolution and problemsolving skills.

Linda welcomes complex surveying projects that require deep understanding and creative solutions. She stays up-to-date with the most recent changes in surveying law and techniques as well as current resolution techniques through regular continuing professional education and her membership in the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California. She has also been designated a Title Expert by the Marin County Superior Court.

Linda A. Carruthers & Associates, Professional Land Surveyors is a California Certified Small Business with a UDBE Certification, File. No. 36701.